Secure Patient Transport for vulnerable persons with mental health and learning difficulties across the North West of England, throughout the UK and into Europe.

Trust is such an important meaning to us when we deliver our care to people who are vulnerable and who suffer from learning disabilities and mental health problems. Secure Patient Transport across the UK and Europe from the professionals who care.
and to other out of area locations. Working in partnership with our partner company at Jet Assist (Aviation) for all flight related matters, we also deliver these services for live donor organ movements. Please contact our office for further details.

The best way to get the peace of mind you need, is to speak to us.

Contact us today if you have an enquiry regarding our vulnerable patient transportation service. We operate from the North West of England and provide services across the whole of the UK and into Europe. Our first call vulnerable patient and mental health patient risk assessment will categorise patients’ level of transport and staffing need.

Your expert transport team

Our staff are selected to support the needs of the vulnerable person or mental health patient we are caring for, taking consideration of the patients known preferences and support requirements. Our staff have many Years of experience and expertise in the transportation of patients detained under the Mental Health Act or who require other secure transport solutions. From informal admission to high risk patients who are sectioned, our staff deliver a quality, patient focused service that is always safe and secure.

Our services address the specific needs of a safe and secure transport service which supports our clients’ needs and the care pathways of their patients. We are constantly developing our understanding of the needs of our vulnerable and mental health patients.