IMT Medical are NHS Blood & Transplant’s contracted transport provider for the UK’s transportation of National Organ Retrieval Service (NORS) Teams, transplant organs & tissue and NHSBT personnel by land, sea or air. IMT have replaced the previous incumbent of these services and we provide a full range of transportation in support of the organ donation process across the UK and to other out of area locations. Working in partnership with our partner company at Jet Assist (Aviation) for all flight related matters, we also deliver these services for live donor organ movements. Please contact our office for further details.

We have in excess of fifteen years experience in providing transport services in the field of Organ Donation in the UK and Europe, and have earned the respect and trust of clients by maintaining consistently high levels of service. Alongside the NHS Blood and Transplant contract awards, we are particularly pro-active in the field of Altruistic Kidney Donation offering cost effective transport solutions by land and air to an exciting field of surgery.

By exploiting the combined skills and experience of staff with many years of experience, IMT Medical and our sister Company Jet Assist (Aviation), offer the highest standards of service by land, sea and air. Together, we will continue to support the UK’s transplant vision by building strong relationships and partnerships through our innovative, transparent approach.

With offices in the North West of England and North Lincolnshire, IMT utilises state of the art, industry unique software directly linked to onboard vehicle systems. The team in our Operations Hub, offer a professional, yet personal and compassionate service when coordinating the complex, time sensitive logistics of team, organ or patient transport by land or air. The Hub is staffed 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

IMT Medical Transport provides flights for all areas of transplant activity across the UK throughout 24/7. Utilising the aircraft of our partner Company Jet Assist (Aviation) and key providers, we are in a strong position to reduce costs and remove additional broker costs. Our most recent reference sites coming from key UK transplant centres.

Our IT Command and Control systems (TIMI for ground – AIMI for air) ensures your ground and flight planning is undertaken in the most cost affective manner and we will deliver your journey from start to finish providing full communications across all of the working departments involved.

For further information please call our 24/7 Hub number: 0151 480 5152 or e-mail: mailto:hub@imtmedical.co.uk

Our ground and air transport Services within this discipline include:

  • NORS Teams
  • NORS Teams with all forms of Portable Organ Care Systems
  • Donor Organs
  • Live donor organs (altruistic)
  • Clinical Staff
  • Patients for Transplant
  • Organs for research

Our systems were highlighted and praised during a Trust HTA audit and described as “A beacon to all service providers”.

See IMT Medical’s staff in support of “Organ Donation, A Circle of Life” by playing the video above.


This was a trial we undertook on a brand-new aircraft for transplant National Organs Retrieval Teams (NORS) and their equipment. Thank you to the fantastic and professional staff at Manchester Royal Infirmary, our sister Company at Jet Assist (Aviation) and our own staff who supported us in this.
A feature on this aircraft can be found in our NEWS section under the heading About Us.


IMT Medical are not affiliated with any previous flight provider to transplant services.

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