Welcome to the home of IMT Medical Transport Limited where we pride ourselves on integrity, credibility and professionalism. IMT have undergone a few changes recently, where we have positioned ourselves to expand across the work we undertake in patient and transplant transport by land, sea or air. With a focused management team leading the way in client and patient expectation, our staff are skilled, culturally diverse, and are an interdisciplinary team of people with a specific focus. Together, we seek to share the unified objective of delivering a positive outcome to our clients and patients.

Our 24/7 Hub team provides effective communication and collaborative care coordination across all areas of transport we undertake. Each team member’s strengths and skills are utilised to achieve an optimal client and patient care experience alongside their workplace satisfaction.

We look forward to your call and look forward to helping you.

Transplant and Vulnerable Patient Medical Transport & First Aid Training Services across the UK

Welcome to IMT Medical Transport Limited

Our aim and commitment in Medical Transport and Medical First Aid Training is to provide you with an effective, safe and caring environment that is directed by our management team and delivered by a professional team of qualified staff who are transparent in all they do. We focus on: safeguarding for all, providing a safe environment for all, accepting and delivering a duty of care for all and being open to all. We offer our services throughout the UK.

IMT Medical is the UK’s transport provider for transplant services to NHS Blood & Transplant and delivers patient transport to mental health and vulnerable patients across the UK.

IMT Medical will not tolerate bullying of any nature across our organisation see our statement in WE CARE.

Please contact our team of professionals today for more information and let us see how we can help you.