Dear visitor.

During this period of time where we are facing the demands of coping with the Covid-19 outbreak, the Board of Directors and Staff of IMT Medical Transport Limited would like to inform you that we are taking all possible measures to ensure that we are playing our part in supporting our staff, our patients, our clients, our partners and the general public.

Our “Call to Action” resilience plan continues to be delivered in support of all of the services we provide with the exception of face-to-face training, which is currently only available on-line.

If you require any information from us that would support your company or our partnership services we offer each other, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. “Hands – Face – Space”

Transplant and Vulnerable Patient Medical Transport & First Aid Training Services across the UK

Welcome to IMT Medical Transport Limited

Our aim and commitment in Medical Transport and Medical First Aid Training is to provide you with an effective, safe and caring environment that is directed by our management team and delivered by a professional team of qualified staff who are transparent in all they do. We focus on: safeguarding for all, providing a safe environment for all, accepting and delivering a duty of care for all and being open to all. We offer our services throughout the UK.

IMT Medical is the UK’s transport provider for transplant services to NHS Blood & Transplant.

Please contact our team of professionals today for more information and let us see how we can help you.