Dear visitor,

The management team at IMT would like to remind and bring our visitors up-to-date on the measures that we are continuing to undertake, monitor and update in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak and our “Call to Action” plan that we set up in February of 2020. The next step of the recovery as set by HM Government has been considered in our approach and we want everyone to be reassured that your safety and that of our patients, clients and supply chain is our utmost concern.

The UK Government’s roadmap out of lockdown was published in February 2021 and set out four steps on that roadmap. Their COVID-19 Response “Summer 2021” gave guidance to the shape of the final step (Step 4) and beyond as the government now sets out the transition towards “Learning to live with COVID-19”. At step 4, the Government aims to remove outstanding legal restrictions on social contact, life events, and open the remaining closed settings. The Government will instead enable people to make informed decisions about how to manage the risk to themselves and others. The Government will provide guidance to the public and to businesses on how they can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate the risk of a resurgence, which puts the NHS under unsustainable pressure.

But let us all be guarded, the pandemic is not over; cases are currently rising, as are hospitalisations and sadly, deaths may also rise further as society and the economy reopens. Because of this, IMT will err on the side of caution and we will continue using the current enhanced measures we have in place until we are fully satisfied. We will closely follow UK Government advice, until such time as we feel it is safer to revert down to those measures. Please be clear, safety remains our utmost priority, this is not an infringement of peoples’ rights, we want to show how we are caring and applying a measured approach to keeping everyone safe and staying safe.

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Our aim and commitment in Medical Transport and Medical First Aid Training is to provide you with an effective, safe and caring environment that is directed by our management team and delivered by a professional team of qualified staff who are transparent in all they do. We focus on: safeguarding for all, providing a safe environment for all, accepting and delivering a duty of care for all and being open to all. We offer our services throughout the UK.

IMT Medical is the UK’s transport provider for transplant services to NHS Blood & Transplant.

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